Economic History

Understanding the course of history, under an economic perspective.

Contacts and Office hours

Zoom private room (password: 486737)

Office hours Mondays 14h00-15h30, under appointment



Please be punctual and avoid losing points on your grade (please check below). Access to the class will not be allowed 5min after the scheduled starting time.

Class Schedule Classroom
Practical Session Mondays, 15h30–16h50 522-A
Lecture Wednesdays, 14h00–15h20 520-A
Lecture Thursdays, 15h30–16h50 522-B


Week Topic Lectures Practical session Slides
1 Introduction and Approach September 6 & 7 September 11
2 The Malthusian Regime September 13 & 14 September 18
3 The Solow Model September 20 & 21 September 25
4 Relaxing Solow Assumptions and Growth Accounting September 27 & 28 October 2
5 Index Numbers Problems October 4 October 9
6 Discussion of the Midterm Exam October 30
7 Economic History Making-Of November 2 November 6
8 Explaining the Industrial Revolution November 8 & 9 November 13
9 Piketty and Inequality November 15 & 16 November 20
10 International Aid and The Marshall Plan
The Linear Regression
November 22 & 23 November 27


Fidalgo, António (2023). Lectures in Economic History. (Restricted access. Please check the password in Moodle.)


The grade for this class will be a weighted average of the following elements:

  • Compulsory assignments and quizzes: 20%,
  • Optional assignments and quizzes: 0% to 20%,
  • Closed book midterm (covering the first part of the class): 30% to 40%*,
  • Closed book endterm (covering the second part of the class): 30% to 40%*.

*Depending on how many optional assignments and quizzes the student chooses to do. Optional assignments and quizzes enter the weighted average grade only if they increase it.

The necessary conditions to be waived from the final exam are the following:

  • weighted average above 9.5 and
  • average of the midterm exam and endterm exam above 8.

The necessary requisites to be admitted to the final exam are the following:

  • weighted average above 7.5 and
  • average of the midterm exam and endterm exam above 6.5.

The final exam will cover the entire course’s program. The exam is closed book. A final exam grade below 9.5 will result in the student failing the course.

Class attendance and punctuality are mandatory: failure to comply may be penalized by up to two points in the final grade.

Participation is strongly encouraged: while not directly granting points in the grade, it can be used to assess border situations.

Please check the class’ syllabus for further details.

Grade improvement in the final exam

Students who pass the course may take the final exam to improve their grade, in which case the following rules apply:

  • Students with grades between 9.5 and 12 in the final exam will have this grade as final grade if it is higher than the weighted average indicated above.
  • Above 12, the final grade will be the weighted average of the continuous evaluation (50%) and the final exam (50%).
  • Students have 15 minutes at the beginning of the final exam to decide whether they want to take it. Once this decision is made, it is final, and the student’s exam will be graded. Students must signal their intention of trying to improve their grade.