Research Tools for the 21st Century

A brief introduction to R and Quarto.


  • A case for reproducible research and dynamic documents
  • Installing R, RStudio, and Quarto
  • Basic operations with R
  • The R packages ecosystem
  • From {RMarkdown} to Quarto
  • The structure of a .qmd file: the YAML section, text, and code chunks
  • The Markdown syntax for formatting text
  • Basic mathematics syntax with LaTeX
  • Producing HTML and PDF outputs from a .qmd file

Learning goals

In this workshop you are expected to learn:

  • The main problems of a non-reproducible workflow in scientific production
  • A brief history of R
  • How to format text with Markdown
  • How to typeset basic mathematics with LaTeX
  • How to create numbered environments for figures and tables with Quarto
  • How to make citations and cross-references with Quarto
  • How to include chunks of R code and in-line code for producing dynamic documents

Please be aware that you will not learn:

  • How to handle datasets with R (namely with the package {dplyr})
  • How to produce beautiful plots with R (namely with the package {ggplot2})
  • How to author impressive presentations with Quarto and Reveal.JS
  • How to make websites with Quarto

Schedule and venue

Tuesday, October 4


Room C201

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